Saturday, 1 September 2012

Suspension of Activity

Good Jazzers

sincere apologies for the lack of activity herein these past 3 months.

I should not moan as there are many out there who'd love to be busy, but owing to a change of role recently, the pressures of the 'paid job' are such that there will be no further updates to this blog until they abate. This may transpire in January 2013 however the success of the venture thus far indicates that even this might be 'hopeful'.

I will continue, as time allows, to continue with the podcasts and playlists at where you can listen again to the 8 or 9 most recent airings.

Again, sincere apologies and sincere thanks for your interest over the past 18 months and I hope you will continue to tune in and / or listen again as your location allows

Best Wishes